How to Save Your Design to the Content's Tab of the Drop Box

1. Okay, after reaching a point you are happy with the design and would like to submit it as another 'leaf' within the canopy, touch the 'prepare to submit' button. Once the information has been record, the 'build control panel' will shout: "Information recorded"


2. Once the information has been recorded, select all the prims that compose your design iteration. Once all the prims are selected, right click on any one selected prim and go to 'take…'. This will send what was selected to your inventory.


3. The saved design in your inventory will look something like this: TREE::1193100140::LEAF::1193116779


4. Once the design is saved to your inventory, right click the 'drop box' and go to 'edit…'


5. Clicking on 'edit…' should bring up a 'dialog box' that looks like the following image. Click on the 'Content' tab of this 'dialog box'.


6. Now drag your design iteration (ex: TREE::1193100140::LEAF::1193116779) from your inventory to the 'contents tab'… as illustrated:


7. After saving or dragging your design from your inventory to the 'contents' tab of the 'drop box', make sure, before you touch the 'submit design' button that the leaf on which you based your design iteration off of, is the most 'active leaf'.


8. Once that is confirmed, you can touch the 'submit design' button.


9. As you will see, from when i submit my design, a new 'child leaf' will rez itself off of the 'parental leaf'. And as mentioned, before the animated texture 'shooting' between two ‘leaves’ indicates the direction in which one evolved from the other. After that, congratulations, you just saved your design to the canopy.

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