Wikitecture 3.0 Kick-Off Meeting - 11.07.07

What is Studio Wikitecture?

Studio Wikitecture is a Second Life group composed of a diverse spectrum of individuals interested in exploring the potential of applying an open-source paradigm to the design and production of both real and virtual architecture and urban planning.

If you are not familiar with the principles behind open-source, another way of conceptualizing Wikitecture, is that it is like what Wikipedia is for encyclopedia entries - wikitecture is for architecture and urban planning. In other words, the group is trying to create a platform, where projects are open and free for anyone to work on. Our hope, through these wikitecture experiments, is to work out the mechanisms and protocols such a collective filtering, decentralized collaboration, and other similar concepts, such that we can create a project that is more than the some of its parts - without the need for a central authority guiding the process. So the big question is: Can a loose, decentralized community of individuals, through this bottom-up approach, actually replace or at the very least augment the function of what a more conventional, top-down central authority provides? So in short, can a group really design a building?

The 3rd Experiment:

We are through this 3rd wikitecture experiment trying to answer that question.

The project on which this experiment will center around will be the competition recently announced by the Open Architecture Network. (abbv. OAN)

Through previous meetings, the group has decided out of the three challenges offered, to pursue the Asian Challenge. The challenge is to design a tele-medicine/health facility and a community technology center for the local Nyaya Health Organization. "Nyaya Health is a nonprofit organization working to improve the health of poor communities in Nepal through the provision of medical and public health services."

There were a number of reasons behind this decision, but being that we only have so much land in Second Life, it's smaller size made more sense. In addition, a few members actually had a few ties with some eastern Asian countries and one member's wife had actually done some extensive public health and medical work abroad in East Asia, as well.

Since the OAN is an “open-source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design”, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to submit an entry for this competition that is, in turn, designed and composed in the same collaborative and open-source fashion OAN is known for.

In addition to submitting a collaborative entry to the OAN network, we are also excited to unveil an improved website and in-world interface that will allow the community to better collaborate with each other over the duration of the project. This brief video gives a nice introductory snippet of the functionality behind the in-world interface.

We also want to thank Navillus Batra and Anthony Reisman from for all their hard work, up to the 11th hour to get this up and running.

Although still in it's early phase of development, these improvements are a major leap forward from the relative rudimentary commenting/ranking system of the first two Wikitecture experiments.

A Brief Overview of the 'Wiki-Tree' Interface:

The Wikitecture Interface is made up of 2 major components, the first is called the 'Wiki-Tree' and the second is the 'Viewing Kiosk'.

2003314232_e54df9f076_o.jpgthe "trunk' of the 'Wiki-Tree'
2002638141_794f290bff_o.jpg'Viewing Kiosk'

The 'wiki-tree' makes up the bulk of the in-world interface, with the lower 'trunk' being reserved for most of the functionality. The spherical 'archive leaves' above however, are for storing the individual design iterations throughout the duration of the project.

Although not always the case, the general rule will typically apply: one spherical 'archive leaf' = one design iteration = one contributor.

'Archive Canopy' above the 'Trunk' interface

The 'Viewing Kiosk' is surrounded by 6 viewing screens. 3 of the screens will be dedicated to displaying the SL 'snapshots' of your submitted designs and the other 3 screens are dedicated to displaying both your description of the project and the comments your fellow contributors might have made about your design. In other words, one set of screens is for images, and the other set is for text. To activate these screens you have to press the movie 'play' button at the bottom of your SL screen.

movie 'play' button

Although not part of the interface, there are two other important components to the project as well, the 'viewing parcel' and the 'building parcel'. They are pretty self-explanatory. The 'Building Parcel' is an area where you can work on your design iteration. The 'viewing parcel', however, allows you to view the designs contained within the individual 'archiving leaves', without deleting those designs being worked on by individuals in the 'building parcel'.

2004671710_384412126f_o.jpg'Viewing Parcel'
2003872893_a598065e4a_o.jpg'Building Parcel'

It should be noted that you do not have to work on your design in the 'building parcel', but can design and build where ever your heart desires - sandboxes or your own land.

The 'Trunk' of the 'Wiki-Tree'

The 'trunk' of the 'Wiki-Tree', which comprises most of the in-world interface, is divided into 3 general areas of functionality - the top, middle, and bottom.

2005495224_e06a598eab_o.jpgThe 'trunk' of the 'Wiki-Tree'


The group of buttons toward the top, when 'touched' (right click…touch) will perform their particular action on the design that is currently active on the 'viewing parcel'.


The buttons in the middle section, when touched, will give you a copy of the specified prim: box, prism, sphere, cylinder, tube, torus, and ring. These prims are special, in that, they contain unique scripts (locater scripts) that tell the prim, when rezzed from the 'archive leaves', the exact location they were in the design before they were archived. In other words, when someone 'touches' a 'archiving leaf', these scripts will tell each and every prim, that composes that particular design, the exact location and rotation they were in before they were originally saved. In short, every prim you submit to the tree, needs this script to work.


Most of the buttons located on the bottom you will use when submitting your design to the canopy of 'archive leaves' above.

The 3 buttons at the very bottom of the 'trunk', however, do not neatly fall into any category, but i will explain them in further detail later in the meeting.

'Leaf Canopy':

As i mentioned before, each spherical 'archive leaf' above this main 'trunk' interface holds one design iteration, usually contributed by one designer.

The proximity of one ‘leaf’ to the next indicates that the designs contained within, are very similar derivatives of each other. The further away a ‘leaf’ is from another, indicates either a major change in the design direction or an entirely new direction all together. The animated texture 'shooting' between two ‘leaves’ indicates the direction the designs were derived from one another - such that one will be the 'parent' of the adjacent child leaf.

In order that the tree doesn’t get too elaborately huge, there will be a point where the 'canopy' will 'prune' itself of the lowest ranked designs. The pruning process starts kicking in around 20 leaves. Although pruned from the 'canopy', all the design iterations will still be saved in the system if you wish to conjure up an old design later in the design process.

The color of the leaf correlates with the number of votes its particular design has been given by the community. For example, the more green a leaf, the more votes… yellow has less…and red, the least number.

The following video gives you a taste of what this canopy looks like:


If you are already a member of the SL 'Studio Wikitecture' group, you can 'touch' the base of this column to get a password for using the website. Once at the website, use your SL name for the login:

2006782821_66ec9e2d8b_o.jpgbase of 'wiki-tree' inside 'Second Life'
  • please note, however, this password will not work at the following wiki/forum website: You'll have to acquire a unique password for this site.

Rezzing out a Design from the 'Archive Canopy' to the 'Viewing' or 'Building' Parcels:

As i mentioned before, every 'leaf' sphere above contains a single design iteration.

So, in order to rez out the design, contained within a particular leaf, to either the 'viewing or building parcel', just touch the sphere. It will first delete whatever was on the parcel and proceed to rez out the design iteration contained within the 'leaf'.

The system will default by rezzing the design onto the 'viewing parcel'. If, however, you would like to rez out the design on the 'building parcel', make sure you touch the top button of the 'trunk' to toggle over to the 'building parcel'.

2007745562_c030f03922_o.jpgthe 'toggle' button

So, once toggled over, the next 'leaf' you touch will rez it's contents onto the 'building parcel'. The toggle switch, however, will only remain in the 'building parcel' position for one rez of a design. After that, it will toggle back to the 'viewing parcel' again.

This is to prevent people from inadvertently rezzing something out on the 'building parcel' by accident, and deleting the design someone has been working on in the 'building parcel'.

  • which brings up another very important point, please make sure that when you rez out a design onto the 'building parcel' that there's no one currently working on a design there. And inversely, if you are working on the building parcel, don't walk away from your work without saving it to either your inventory or the 'leaf canopy', because someone might come by and accidentally delete it.

Once touched, you will notice the tree shouts out something like this: "Rezzing Design #1193625379 in the viewing area, this can take a while if the design is very large"

and yes, unfortunately it does take awhile to rez out the design. This is one aspect of the system we would like to improve in the future, but as of yet, with the limitations of SL being what they are, this is the best we can do

  • In fact, sometimes the system gets hung up, mid operation and does not rez the design you wanted, out onto the parcel. If you find that the design, even after a time, does not materialize onto the parcel, you have to press the button that says "if design is not positioned properly". It's the button underneath the 'add' and 'get' comments buttons and has a icon of a 'film slate' on it. For the sake of simplification, let called this button, the 'take scene' button.

So after touching the leaf, you will see the design rez itself out onto either the 'viewing parcel' or 'building parcel'. In addition, the 'leaf' that is touched will change from a 'sphere' to a 'box' as well as taking on a texture that says: 'active leaf'. The active leaf looks like the follow:

2005522896_4aeaf3d59e_o.jpg'active leaf'

Voting Positive or Negative:

Moving on down the 'trunk' of the tree, we come to the voting buttons: 'vote positive' and 'vote negative'. By touching these you will apply either a positive or negative vote to the design that is currently on the 'viewing parcel'. In order to avoid someone bombarding the tree with votes, each contributor will only be allotted 3 negative and 3 positive votes.

As is currently designed, if after placing your allotted 3 positive/negative votes, the next positive vote you cast will replace your oldest vote. In other words if the 1st vote is the oldest, placing a 4th vote will replace this 1st vote.

  • We do realize, however, that your oldest vote might not be the one you would like to replace. We are currently working on a way, via the website, to allow you to designate the vote you would like to replace. We hope to have that functionality up before the end of the experiment.

In addition, you can only vote for your fellow contributor's design. We feel if members are able to vote on their own designs, there's a greater likelyhood of watering down the 'wisdom of the crowd'.

Getting and Adding Comments:

Add Comment:

Continuing on down the 'trunk', we come to the 'get' and 'add' comments buttons. As with the voting buttons, these apply to the design that is currently on the 'viewing parcel'.

To send a comment to a specific leaf, make sure it's rezzed out on the viewing parcel, and then 'say' your comment on channel 33.

For example, type the following in the Chat box:

  • /33 I was trying to… (or…)
  • /33 I did this because… (or…)
  • /33 I think… (or…)
  • /33 I was playing off… (or…)
  • /33 Wouldn’t it be nice…etc., etc.

one /33 comment can support up to 870 characters. If you find yourself going over, simply enter in another /33 'comment'.

The only reason the 'add comments' button is there is in case you forget the channel on which these comments should be assigned. By clicking it, the following instructions will simply be given to you again over the chat channel: "feedback system shouts: You may add comments to the design by saying them on channel 33
e.g. "/33 your comment here"

Get Comments:

The 'get comments' button, however will retrieve the comments and snapshots associated with the design currently on the 'viewing parcel' and display them on the comment screens in the 'viewing kiosk'.

Scripted Prims - Middle Buttons:

Continuing down past the 'take scene' button we had mentioned before, we come to the scripted prim buttons.

As mentioned before, these buttons, when touched, will give you a copy of the specified prim: box, prism, sphere, cylinder, tube, torus, and ring.

  • We are not using sculpted prims at this time, since the underlying texture that creates these sculpties is not very easy for others to change or modify without 3rd party programs. Hopefully in the future, this will become easier

Touching any of the prim buttons, will rez out that particular prim just north of the 'trunk'. After which you can move it over to the 'build platform' and reshape… add textures… copy… etc.

As mentioned before, these prims contain a unique script that communicates with the 'wiki-tree'. Since this unique 'locater script' will be copied as well when the prim is copied, it eliminates the need to go back to the 'wiki-tree' and get a new prim. Even if you want to change the shape of the prim from a cylinder to a box, you can easily do that in the 'Edit' mode. If for instance, i want to change cylindrical columns to square ones, i can easily do that in place, without having to go back to the 'wiki-tree' and rezzing out a new square prim.

Since the idea behind wikitecture is to add/modify/delete the designs of others, you will rarely, if ever, have to pull a new prim out from the 'wiki-tree' once the design has been started.

…if Using Existing Prims Put this Script inside Each One.

2010621960_ef69b83699_o.jpg…if using existing prims put this script inside each one
If by chance you have an existing design you would like to incorporate within the OAN project, make sure each and every prim contains this unique 'locater script'. To get the script just touch the button that says, "…if using existing prims put this script inside each one." After receiving it, just drag it from your inventory to the 'content tab' of each prim.

Submitting your Design (iteration) to the 'Archive Canopy':


Moving on, we come to the buttons you will use when submitting your design iterations to the archive 'canopy' above. In order to illustrate how these buttons work, i will take you through a hypothetical scenario.

1. Let's say as you were rezzing out designs from the 'canopy' onto the 'viewing parcel', and you came across one you would like to work on.

2a. If you would like to work on-site:

  • Touch the 'toggle switch' at the top of the 'trunk' so the next design will rez onto the 'building parcel'.
  • Since you want to rez out the same design that is on the 'viewing parcel' to the 'building parcel, just touch the 'active leaf' again. So once it's rezzed out, you can design/build to your heart's content.

2b. If you would like to work off-site: Select all the objects on the viewing parcel, right click and 'take…' them into your inventory.

3a. If you worked on-site:

  • So once you're finished with your design and are ready to start the process of submitting to the canopy, touch the 'prepare to submit' button.
  • What this step does, is shoot all the requisite information, such as 'location' and 'rotation' into all the prims that are currently out on the 'building parcel'.


3b. If you worked off-site:

  • When you submit your design to the canopy, it branches a new 'archive leaf' off the (leaf) design that is currently active on the build parcel. (which is not necessarily the active leaf in the canopy.) To make sure, toggle over to the 'building parcel' and touch the parental leaf you based your new design iteration off of.
  • Once that parent design is rezzed out onto the 'building parcel', touch the 'clear parcel' button. Performing this step, allows you to be sure that the 'active leaf' above, is the design your new submission will be branched off of.
  • So with a clear parcel, rez out your new design iteration onto the 'buidling parcel' and relocate as necessary. Once your design is positioned properly on the parcel, touch the 'prepare to submit' button.

4. Once the information has been recorded, (build control panel shouts: Information recorded) select all the prims that compose your design iteration, right click on any one selected prim and go to 'take…'. This will send what was selected to your inventory.


5. The saved design in your inventory will look something like this: TREE::1193100140::LEAF::1193116779

  • To help assure that you don't select other prims outside the design, it helps checking the 'select only movable objects' under the 'tool' menu.

6. After the design has been saved to your inventory, drag the design (ex: TREE::1193100140::LEAF::1193116779) from your inventory to the 'contents tab' of the prim in the 'trunk' that says 'drop box for designs'. This is done by right clicking the 'drop box' and go to 'edit…'


7. Clicking on 'edit…' should bring up a 'dialog box' that looks like the following image. Click on the 'Content' tab of this 'dialog box'.


8. Now drag your design iteration (ex: TREE::1193100140::LEAF::1193116779) from your inventory to the 'contents tab'… as illustrated:


9. After saving or dragging your design from your inventory to the 'contents' tab of the 'drop box', touch the 'submit design' button.


10. As you will see, from when i submit my design, a new 'child leaf' will rez itself off of the 'parental leaf'. And as mentioned before, the animated texture 'shooting' between two ‘leaves’ indicates the direction in which one evolved from the other.


11. After that, congratulations, you just saved your design to the canopy.

  • there's one caveat i would like to mention, however. Sometimes there's so many prims in the selection, that when you 'take' this selected set into your inventory, some prims will be left behind. This is because SL limits the number of prims you can 'pick' up at a time. If this happens you simply select the remaining prims that were not picked and repeat the process of taking these last remaining prims into your inventory. So if find yourself in this scenario, you would drag over (two) sets of objects from your inventory to the 'drop box'.

Sending Snapshots (images) via 'Second Life' to

Although not a 'button' on the 'wiki-tree', another powerful method to communicate your designs to your fellow contributors as you submit it to the 'canopy', is to take snapshots of your design and send them from 'Second Life' to website.

If you are familiar with how to 'Send a postcard' snapshot via SL, enter in the leaf number in the subject line (ex: 1194049698) and send the image to this email: moc.wond3i|egami#moc.wond3i|egami

1. go to File/Take Snapshot (cntl-shift-s)


2. Select "Send a postcard"… might want to turn off 'show interface in snapshot'


3. In subject line, enter in 'leaf' ID: (eg. 1194049698)…see image


At the moment, this 'message:' section will not send your comments to website. We do plan, however, to work this out in the near future so you are able to associate specific comments with specific snapshots. Please stay tuned.

The Last 3 Buttons on the Bottom of the 'Trunk':


'Clear Parcel'

The 'clear parcel' button, does just that, clears the parcel. But it only clears the 'building parcel', not the 'viewing parcel'.

'FAQ's & Feedback'

'FAQ's & feedback' button, give you the following link:

'Add Contributor'

The 'add contributor' button allows you, in those rear occurrences, to add more than one authoring contributor to a design. In other words, if 'Tom' and 'Harry' worked on a design together, but 'Tom' submitted the design to the 'wiki-tree', 'Harry' can, by touching the 'add contributor' button, add his name to the list of contributors to that design iteration. Since it only adds a contributor to the most 'active leaf', make sure if you use this function, that you activate the correct leaf before pressing this button.

Contribution Assessment:

So the big question: What if our collaboratively designed entry actually wins this OAN competition? How will the reward money actually be divvied up amongst the contributors? Although the system we have in mind is not perfect, we feel it's a start. This is one component of the experiment we feel will need to be massaged here and there as we go forward and would love your input to help improve it.

If you worked on the last Wikitecture experiment, we will be using the same assessment system - which we ask all the contributors to assess what percentage they feel they have contributed to the design as well as what percentage they feel others have contributed as well. The general idea being, that when everyone's assessment of each other is averaged out, however subjective it may be, a pretty fair judgment is made to how much (compensation, ownership, IP rights, etc) should be dolled out to each contributor.

Here's an example of the spreadsheet we used to assess everyone's contribution in the last experiment. Although we have some potential improvements on this assessment system, for the sake of simplicity, this spreadsheet will be a starting point for this experiment.

We plan on including a forum on the website for everyone to discuss not only this contribution analysis system, but any other improvements you might have in mind for future experiments as well.

Forum and F.A.Q. Site:

As i had mentioned in the blog post, although this collaborative platform is light years beyond what was used for the 2nd experiment, please be aware that it’s still in a very very early stage of development—we 'WILL' encounter our fair share of bugs. If and when you do encounter them, just let me know as soon as possible, and we will try to correct the problem as quick as we can.

We've tried as much as we could, within the limits of the budget and functionality of 'Second Life', to make this wikitecture platform as user-friendly as possible, but by all means, while using the interface throughout the project, if have some ideas to improve it for the next experiment, please let us know. We've set up a forum for such discussion: We'll try as much as we can to incorporate your ideas into next experiment.

As is the case with learning any new software, this whole process might seem a little overwhelming at first, but we hope over time it becomes a little more intuitive for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to IM either Theory Shaw or Keystone Bouchard in-world and we can come by and help you out.


The Morning Kick-off Meeting Q & A Session:

[2007/11/07 9:56] You: So with that. I'll drop back into chat and we can open the floor for comments and questions.
[2007/11/07 9:56] Scope Cleaver: Thanks Theory
[2007/11/07 9:56] Fletcher Pinion: It's another layer of top of SL builds, but it looks like a streamlined way to facilitate a group effort
[2007/11/07 9:57] turboy Runo: tx
[2007/11/07 9:57] You: thank you all
[2007/11/07 9:57] Idesine Habilis: thanks
[2007/11/07 9:57] Chip Poutine: Thank you Theory!!
[2007/11/07 9:57] Jo Newell: ty
[2007/11/07 9:57] Eshi Otawara: Unneccesarily complicated.
[2007/11/07 9:57] Austen Scanlan: Thank you for all your effort.
[2007/11/07 9:57] Keystone Bouchard shouts: I know Theory already said this, but I also want to thank and congratulate Anthony and Jacob from i3Dnow for their hard work and brilliant execution on this project. They have been a pleasure to work with.
[2007/11/07 9:57] Prad Prathivi: Thanks Theory!
[2007/11/07 9:57] Fletcher Pinion: Eshi, if you can come up with ways to simplify it, please suggest them!
[2007/11/07 9:58] Keystone Bouchard shouts: I also want to thank Theory - this whole concept has been his brainchild, and his persistent and ingenius dedication to this has been phenomenal - I'm honored to be working with him and really look forward to these next phases of development on this Wikitecture concept.
[2007/11/07 9:58] You: perhaps it is eshi… but from a progamming end.. it was a miracle we could even pull it off… there's room for improvement that's for sure.
[2007/11/07 9:58] Keystone Bouchard: AutoCAD is complicated too…
[2007/11/07 9:58] Anthony Reisman: You are very welcome, and I have to say that this is an exremely fun project to be working on. I can't wait to see what how the community shapes this idea!!!
[2007/11/07 9:58] Austen Scanlan: Regretably there's still a lot of coding required.
[2007/11/07 9:58] Chip Poutine: I guess my main question theory is how one proceeds with branching
[2007/11/07 9:58] Eshi Otawara: Yes, it is brilliant in its essence. But complicated.
[2007/11/07 9:58] Fletcher Pinion: It loks like you did a good job of figuring lout what participants would need
[2007/11/07 9:58] Chip Poutine: is it simply the number of votes that decides which one proceeds?
[2007/11/07 9:59] Keystone Bouchard: AutoCAD is complicated too…
[2007/11/07 9:59] Keystone Bouchard: ;-)
[2007/11/07 9:59] Chip Poutine: most wikis only have one 'defacto' version of a page…
[2007/11/07 9:59] turboy Runo: In the future, have you think to release in GNU/GPL license the wikitecture tree?
[2007/11/07 9:59] Fletcher Pinion: heh
[2007/11/07 9:59] KK Jewell: Theory are you sending the transscripts around soon??
[2007/11/07 9:59] ledaa Aluveaux: i am new…cad i make an autocad 3d and putting into second life?
[2007/11/07 9:59] turboy Runo: it should be a great tool
[2007/11/07 9:59] You: when it gets to the point where one parent leaf fulls up with children, the lowest ranked child will be replace…
[2007/11/07 9:59] Keystone Bouchard: ledaa - I will direct you to some some resources for that
[2007/11/07 10:00] Austen Scanlan: Yes, sending around the transcript will help a lot. Being able to go over all the steps at our own pace. TKU
[2007/11/07 10:00] You: we want to work it out such there's no limit on the number of children a parent can have, but that's for the future… perhaps in the year 2000 ;)
[2007/11/07 10:01] Chip Poutine: hehe yes, the distant future
[2007/11/07 10:01] ledaa Aluveaux: thanks keystone!
[2007/11/07 10:01] Scooter Gaudio: How long is this project to last?
[2007/11/07 10:01] Fletcher Pinion: is there a way to get notified of new activity, or perhaps a collaborative - realtime - building session?
[2007/11/07 10:01] You: yes turbo… is some fashion…. we would ideally like to have it where the wikitecture tree techonolgy itself is under the 'contribution assessment' system as well.
[2007/11/07 10:02] You: scooter… the deadline for the competition is jan. 15th.
[2007/11/07 10:02] turboy Runo: tx
[2007/11/07 10:02] Scooter Gaudio: So there will be a completion of this some time before in order to get the competition entry in a form for submission
[2007/11/07 10:03] You: yes kk… although i will update it… the transcipt is located here:
[2007/11/07 10:03] Christopher Prudhomme: Is this something that we could get a copy of to test out and learn on our own?
[2007/11/07 10:03] Chip Poutine: i was wondering that myself…a 'sandbox' implementation that we wouldn't have to worry about messing up?
[2007/11/07 10:03] Jo Newell: at the end…. how will we decide on the moderations that will need to be made to make it feasible with real life physics so it doesnt fall down :D
[2007/11/07 10:04] You: flecher… yes we would like for future iteraton allow user to subscribe, via RSS feeds, to the design iterations they would like to follow.
[2007/11/07 10:04] Anthony Reisman: To make sure we don't lose track of feature possibilities or problems, it is also a good idea to post your thoughts on the system somewhere on the forum.
[2007/11/07 10:05] You: correct scoooter… my hope is the community will start talking a couple weeks before to start pulling a presentation together.
[2007/11/07 10:05] Keystone Bouchard: Jo - ideally we will all keep that in mind while we design, but if we can attract engineers to the Wikitecture community, that could be their contribution - to help ensure the design's buildability
[2007/11/07 10:05] Jo Newell: ok
[2007/11/07 10:05] You: how they will be done and to what extent…remains to be seen.
[2007/11/07 10:05] Chip Poutine: …buildability? we're making this thing out of aerogel, right?
[2007/11/07 10:06] Fletcher Pinion: ~*Muahhahaha*~ @ chip
[2007/11/07 10:06] You: yes Christopher… we would utimately like to send this out to people to test on their own, but right now, the system only supports one project.
[2007/11/07 10:06] Keystone Bouchard: hahah Chip
[2007/11/07 10:06] Fletcher Pinion: seriously - there would be some serious local constraints, I assume
[2007/11/07 10:06] Scooter Gaudio: I have to run, but will be keeping an eye on this. Good luck everyone!
[2007/11/07 10:06] Scooter Gaudio: bye
[2007/11/07 10:07] You: thanks scooter
[2007/11/07 10:07] KK Jewell: Me too thanks Theory and Keystone this is very exciting
[2007/11/07 10:07] KK Jewell is Offline
[2007/11/07 10:07] Iota Ultsch: ok, fun project, thanks guys, great seeing you all, its 5am, i'm logging ot
[2007/11/07 10:07] Iota Ultsch: ciao tutti
[2007/11/07 10:07] Christopher Prudhomme: Will this one be hear for us to play with?
[2007/11/07 10:08] Fletcher Pinion: The website has the specs - client requirements and all that?
[2007/11/07 10:09] You: no it does not… we've got a wayyy to go before that. :)
[2007/11/07 10:09] Fletcher Pinion: ah… perhaps the team members you mentioned at the start can help define those?
[2007/11/07 10:10] You: for sure… we're very grass roots over here, so it's a wait and see on what we can find time for.
[2007/11/07 10:11] Christopher Prudhomme: Thanks for all your hard work guys. this looks like fun stuff. can't wait to try it out.
[2007/11/07 10:11] Fletcher Pinion: Great. Please send out a group notice when there's something new! This looks like a very intersting project.
[2007/11/07 10:12] Jo Newell: yea thanks… very interested in getting heavily involved in this
[2007/11/07 10:12] Jo Newell: must dash
[2007/11/07 10:12] You: yes… as we introduce more fuctionality, we'll send out notices to the group and hopefully with a tutorial on how to use it. :)
[2007/11/07 10:12] You: thanks jo.
[2007/11/07 10:12] Thursday Xu: thanks!
[2007/11/07 10:12] Christopher Prudhomme: Im going to get back to Greenbuild now, so I will check back later.
[2007/11/07 10:13] Fletcher Pinion: thanks - see you around
[2007/11/07 10:14] Dizzy Banjo is Offline
Eshi who is feeling very frustrated and thinks the design will be too complicated for her to use.
[2007/11/07 10:15] Pepino Martinek: hi, i think im late
[2007/11/07 10:15] IM: Keystone Bouchard: i feel like such an ass on this connection
[2007/11/07 10:15] Fraser Fonda: my computer crashed for the last 10mins…. think the tree is fantastic thanks for all the hard work Theory :-)
[2007/11/07 10:17] Keystone Bouchard: hi Pepino!
[2007/11/07 10:17] Keystone Bouchard: there will be another meeting at 6:30PM SL-time today
[2007/11/07 10:17] Keystone Bouchard: the same meeting
[2007/11/07 10:17] Pepino Martinek: A question for all, what happened here before, as i said im late, but not less interested
[2007/11/07 10:17] Pepino Martinek: i know, too late for me
[2007/11/07 10:17] You: thanks fraser!
[2007/11/07 10:17] Keystone Bouchard: there will be a transcript posted
[2007/11/07 10:17] Keystone Bouchard: i'll get you the address
[2007/11/07 10:18] Pepino Martinek: ok ty
[2007/11/07 10:18] Keystone Bouchard:
[2007/11/07 10:18] Keystone Bouchard: it is already there I think
[2007/11/07 10:19] Fraser Fonda: ok will go and have a look bye all
[2007/11/07 10:19] Pepino Martinek: anyway, can you give me a brief scope of the meeting?
[2007/11/07 10:19] Mads Albatros: hi
[2007/11/07 10:19] Sophie Zhu: Hello
[2007/11/07 10:19] Damon Zimminy: hello everyone
[2007/11/07 10:19] Keystone Bouchard: hi Damon!
[2007/11/07 10:19] Mads Albatros: I'd like to have a look
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard:
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: this meeting just finished
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: and another meeting tonight at 6:30PM Sl-time
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: but there is a transcript here
[2007/11/07 10:20] Damon Zimminy: thanks, I was here for a bit of it but had to rush off
[2007/11/07 10:20] Scope Cleaver is Offline
[2007/11/07 10:20] Damon Zimminy: :/ sounded interesting though!
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: cool
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: seeya Fraser!
[2007/11/07 10:20] Keystone Bouchard: Thanks for coming!
[2007/11/07 10:21] Damon Zimminy: ahh cool its all recorded :) will read through that tonight
[2007/11/07 10:22] Mads Albatros: ok hi to everybody
[2007/11/07 10:22] Pepino Martinek: ok see u
[2007/11/07 10:23] Damon Zimminy: hi madsalbatros
[2007/11/07 10:23] Mads Albatros: hi damon
[2007/11/07 10:23] Mads Albatros: i'm a bit confused
[2007/11/07 10:23] Pepino Martinek: why?
[2007/11/07 10:23] Keystone Bouchard: where'd the tree go?
[2007/11/07 10:23] Damon Zimminy: lol who stole the tree!!
[2007/11/07 10:23] Damon Zimminy: everyone empty your pockets!
[2007/11/07 10:23] Mads Albatros: well, i'm an architect so i was curious to see what's happening here
[2007/11/07 10:24] Mads Albatros: but nobody speaks
[2007/11/07 10:24] Mads Albatros: i can't understand
[2007/11/07 10:24] Pepino Martinek: i agree, everybody say hello but not more.
[2007/11/07 10:24] Mads Albatros: weird
[2007/11/07 10:24] Zaha Vita: hello
[2007/11/07 10:24] Pepino Martinek: The problem of be beginners in sl
[2007/11/07 10:24] Keystone Bouchard: Hello
[2007/11/07 10:25] Mads Albatros: we could talk about a lot of things
[2007/11/07 10:25] Keystone Bouchard: there are resources that will help
[2007/11/07 10:25] Damon Zimminy: I am also newish to SL…it can be quite confusing for new people
[2007/11/07 10:25] You: ow welll… we've got Tony working on replacing it… i'm sure we'll have a few more missing 'trunks' before the end. :)
[2007/11/07 10:25] Pepino Martinek: Yes, why dont we talk again about wikiarchitecture in an informal meeting
[2007/11/07 10:25] Keystone Bouchard: jeez
[2007/11/07 10:25] Mads Albatros: thanks keystone… i'd like to find them out
[2007/11/07 10:26] Mads Albatros: i agree pepino
[2007/11/07 10:26] Keystone Bouchard: Chip's blog:
[2007/11/07 10:26] Keystone Bouchard: check out Theory's blog -
[2007/11/07 10:26] Keystone Bouchard: and my blog:
[2007/11/07 10:26] Dedalo Mayo: hello everyone
[2007/11/07 10:26] You: there's another meeting at 6:30pm pst time today… the same meeting that just took place.
[2007/11/07 10:26] Keystone Bouchard: all related to architecture and second life
[2007/11/07 10:26] Pepino Martinek: im sure that theory will be glad of giving us a brief resume of the meeting
[2007/11/07 10:27] Mads Albatros: thank you, i'll try being back tomorrow
[2007/11/07 10:27] Chip Poutine: hey guys, what's stopping anyone with an arcspace membership from rezzing objects in either the build or viewing areas?
[2007/11/07 10:27] You: it's today Mads, if you're interested.
[2007/11/07 10:27] Mads Albatros: mmm. it's a pity i have to go
[2007/11/07 10:28] Mads Albatros: i'll try again tomorrow
[2007/11/07 10:28] Mads Albatros: thank you all the same
[2007/11/07 10:28] You: shouldn't be a problem… the parcel is open to anyone to build.
[2007/11/07 10:28] Mads Albatros: i'll ask you some more tomorrow… i'm interested
[2007/11/07 10:28] Mads Albatros: ciao!
[2007/11/07 10:29] Snowblink Smashcan: HI everyone.
[2007/11/07 10:29] Dedalo Mayo: Hi
[2007/11/07 10:30] build control panel Tower: fd60957c-4fb7-f4d0-e2e0-2c82b8736964
[2007/11/07 10:30] Pepino Martinek: how can i use the tower?
[2007/11/07 10:31] tree: retrieving tree info for ID1193625278
[2007/11/07 10:31] Anthony Reisman: Ok, should be back now.
[2007/11/07 10:32] Anthony Reisman gave you build control panel Tower.
[2007/11/07 10:35] Anthony Reisman: Ok, I need to take off for a bir, but I will be back again later.
[2007/11/07 10:35] Anthony Reisman: *bit
[2007/11/07 10:35] You: hi pepino… that was the meeting was all about going over the steps on how to use the 'tower'.. here's a very thorough explaination (transcipt of meeting) that will help….unfortuatley it can't really explain how to use it in one or two simple sentences.
[2007/11/07 10:36] You:

The Evening Kick-off Meeting Q & A Session:

[2007/11/07 19:21] StormBear Hitchcock: Amazing work. Amazing
[2007/11/07 19:22] Keystone Bouchard: I just want to thank Anothony and Jacob from i3Dnow for their hard work and brilliant execution of the Wikitecture Tree - they have been a pleasure to work with.
[2007/11/07 19:22] Far Link: Great job guys, what is our deadline for submission again?
[2007/11/07 19:22] Keystone Bouchard: I also want to thank Theory - this has been his brainchild from the very beginning, and he has been working on this tirelessly - i'm honored to be working with him on this, and look forward to the next steps in evolving the Wikitecture process!
[2007/11/07 19:22] You: jan. 15th i believe.
[2007/11/07 19:22] You: middle of january
[2007/11/07 19:22] Anthony Reisman: Thanks Keystone. We have really enjoyed working on this and are excited to see what the community creates with it!!!
[2007/11/07 19:23] StormBear Hitchcock: Is the tree open source?
[2007/11/07 19:24] Far Link: Well, I doubt any of the other contestants are working on anything like this.. Very innovative idea.
[2007/11/07 19:24] otrober Breda: who works on th tree?
[2007/11/07 19:24] otrober Breda: sorry on the base design
[2007/11/07 19:24] You: sorry… storm.. had to get something, but no it's not yet… it's very very early in the process, we have been talking about potentially doing that in the future however.
[2007/11/07 19:25] Achilles Toshi: i have a project that was built previously with about 1200 prims. should i add the script to each prim?
[2007/11/07 19:25] Anthony Reisman: Yes.
[2007/11/07 19:25] Achilles Toshi: i see
[2007/11/07 19:25] Anthony Reisman: Otherwise it would not be stored correctly in the tree. At least it would not be rezzable by the tree again.
[2007/11/07 19:26] Achilles Toshi: o
[2007/11/07 19:26] Far Link: I like the idea of submitting voice comments and images to supplement designs. A nice touch!
[2007/11/07 19:27] Anthony Reisman: We hope to improve it in the future to be able to help you with that process, but that is a lenghty feature addition.
[2007/11/07 19:27] You: otrober… any one can start or (seed) the design…
[2007/11/07 19:28] Far Link: Yes, I hope people dont rely on the image submission too heavily. I think it will be important to learn the tree early and use throughout.
[2007/11/07 19:28] Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[2007/11/07 19:28] tree: Rezzing Design #1194398356 in the viewing area, this can take a while if the design is very large
[2007/11/07 19:28] StormBear Hitchcock: Me and a guy named Cadroe Murphy has been working on something like this - a shape droid, but nothig like this. I am still blown away.
[2007/11/07 19:28] Anthony Reisman: Far: I don't think there will be voice comments for a while.
[2007/11/07 19:29] Anthony Reisman: Just text comments.
[2007/11/07 19:29] Far Link: What happens when there is more than 6 'child' prims off a parent leaf? Does it skip up a level?
[2007/11/07 19:30] Anthony Reisman: It will reorganize itself and create more space for another, though this is one part that is still in progress.
[2007/11/07 19:30] viewer shouts: Submitting your contribution statement
[2007/11/07 19:30] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[2007/11/07 19:30] Connected
[2007/11/07 19:30] Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[2007/11/07 19:30] tree shouts: The next design will rez on the Build Platform
[2007/11/07 19:30] tree shouts: The next design will rez on the Viewing Platform
[2007/11/07 19:31] Far Link: Do you guys think that the fact this is located in arcspace may slow down the rezzing a bit? So many other objects running in here.. Although it is in a well publicized spot. Maybe for the best.
[2007/11/07 19:32] Anthony Reisman: A little bit. Some of the scripts were running much faster several days ago. I also think the number of people may be affecting some of the current rez times.
[2007/11/07 19:33] tree shouts: The next design will rez on the Build Platform
[2007/11/07 19:33] tree: Rezzing Design #1194398356 in the build area, this can take a while if the design is very large
[2007/11/07 19:33] Far Link: I love the idea as a 3D diagram of iterations. It would be great to see a time lapsed machinima of the design over time. Like an amoeba or something crawling through the air..
[2007/11/07 19:34] Far Link: I mean a time lapse of the tree
[2007/11/07 19:34] Anthony Reisman: Ok, I've got to log out. It was good meeting you all, and I look forward to seeing how it all goes.
[2007/11/07 19:34] Keystone Bouchard: Take care Anthony! Thanks again
[2007/11/07 19:35] tree: Rezzing Design #1194402970 in the viewing area, this can take a while if the design is very large
[2007/11/07 19:36] tree: Rezzing Design #1194049698 in the viewing area, this can take a while if the design is very large
[2007/11/07 19:36] tree: Rezzing Design #1193625278 in the viewing area, this can take a while if the design is very large
[2007/11/07 19:36] otrober Breda accepted your inventory offer.
[2007/11/07 19:36] tree shouts: The next design will rez on the Build Platform
[2007/11/07 19:38] build control panel: Please click prepare before attempting to submit
[2007/11/07 19:38] build control panel shouts: Preparing build, please wait…
[2007/11/07 19:38] build control panel shouts: Information recorded
[2007/11/07 19:39] Anthony Reisman is Offline
[2007/11/07 19:41] Far Link: See everyone soon, and thanks for the great presentation guys..

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