Interactive Classroom Pods

Media stations ("pods") operated by students, asynchronously

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If teachers will create/maintain a SL group for every class, then the simplest way to assign media might be for teachers to distribute a notecard in group announcement, and then students can drag/drop the notecard on the pod. The notecard would also serve as a permanent record of URLs for the student.

Possible Features

  • Teacher can assign media URLs, and accompanying text, by dropping a properly-formatted notecard. Alternatively, the teacher could distribute this notecard to students (via group announcement) who then drag the notecard onto the platform themselves.
  • Student sits on a pod, and is presented with instructions for proceeding.
  • Once seat is occupied, pod responds only to that user.
  • A Parcel Media display prim is rezzed once the platform is occupied. This prim is slightly angled upward, allowing a clear view with camera; display prim is removed when student departs.
  • The student's camera position can be set automatically on sitting to an optimal view angle view of media display objects.
  • Notecard format should be explained in the notecard itself can be explained in a web page (with URL of that page provided in each notecard); that way, students could create their own media notecards, or elect to view assigned media outside of SL.

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