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Hello how to get to use this on virtual worlds I am new at this and would like to know.

This looks awesome!!!

That link has a '5' at the end, so ditch that to get to the page if you're trying this out.

I tried adding various comments, insights, support, etc. But I don't see it showing up in the text? I also don't see any other insights highlighted either. I tried clicking the 'HiLite' button in the lower left corner, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm probably just missing the obvious, but any help would be appreciated!

i've added the widget to the page… please give it a try… let me know what you think.

Re: Pinpoint votes/comments by theoryshawtheoryshaw, 22 Jul 2009 22:22

I've been looking for this forever and I just came across it. I think incorporating this into the website would be answer a lot of the granularity of voting we are looking for…

Pinpoint votes/comments by theoryshawtheoryshaw, 22 Jul 2009 14:31

Although it would ideal to get RSS feeds for comments on the site, i'm wondering if, in the meantime, we could just display all the comments under a particular leaf on the 'all designs' page.


thanks azwaldo… i've started a new group category for the project here: here:

Re: New Forum Category by theoryshawtheoryshaw, 14 Jul 2009 17:42

This space could use a Dedicated Forum Category for the SL6.0 project ( (announcement)).

New Forum Category by azwaldoazwaldo, 12 Jul 2009 19:52

An excessive server load is being created by the Wiki-Tree leaves placed at the SL6B booth. The leaves - as they are - are creating the load (not the rezzed designs). Poid Mahovlich has asked that this be addressed, as the Wikitecture booth is now contributing a significantly large portion of the region server load. Here are the leaves Poid specified, highest loads first:

  1. Leaf::1244069801
  2. Leaf::1244176467
  3. Leaf::1244595362
  4. Leaf::1245240564
  5. Leaf::1244240065
  6. Leaf::1245367452
  7. Leaf::1245353712
  8. Leaf::1244174855
  9. Leaf::1244218428
  10. Leaf::1244218428
Excessive Server Load by azwaldoazwaldo, 20 Jun 2009 17:46

Notecard texts are now at this URL:

Notecards are needed. Five notecards with a description of the project displayed at each of the five bays (listed above). Veeyawn can record the audio tracks, I can then upload the audio tracks to my server (unless another location is preferred) and an audio button at each bay can point to that particular audio file.

A button panel has been added to the Wikitecture Image Display. An image of this is posted at this URL: (link). The image there shows the button panel along the bottom of the Wikitecture Image Display.
Four buttons will let users

  1. receive notecard
  2. receive landmark (for project displayed in that "bay")
  3. play/pause slideshow
  4. listen to audio stream message

That button panel is a first draft. The style of the button panel can reflect the final design of the booth…who's got that?

Would any other options be useful for a visitor to the Wikitecture booth? There is still time for adding a fifth/sixth button, if needed.

Re: Wikitecture Image Display by azwaldoazwaldo, 18 Jun 2009 19:44

It has been suggested that images be displayed in as many as five bays. A set of images could be available at each bay, each set containing images from one of these categories:

  1. one for the 2.0 experiment,
  2. one for the 3.0 (Nepal) project,
  3. one for the 4.0 (Alabama) project
  4. one to describe Wikitecture
  5. maybe one bay for the booth itself too

The image display would advance automatically (slideshow effect), with a unique notecard available at each bay from a notecard giver.

I have submitted a "Wikitecture Image Display" object to the Wiki-Tree with these features:

  • Three prims; two of these display images, one creates a solid background.
  • The two image display prims fade in, fade out (alpha); alternating the display of textures.
  • The next texture in order (as found in Contents) is pre-cached on bottom of parent prim.
  • Touching the display pauses the slideshow, with slideshow resuming automatically after 60 seconds.

"Touch to restore slideshow advance" will be added next.

To activate: Drag textures from Inventory into Object (parent) content tab, then reset scripts in Object (Menu > Tools > Reset Scripts in Selection)

Varying Image Aspect Ratios could be accomodated (a suitable script is already in the object); but, each image's ratio would have to be entered manually (i.e., in the image's name, then parsed).

Theory: If you would open the permissions on some of the images you submitted in the "pool of images" leaf - and then pass those few to me - I could prepare the next version of this display with appropriate images.

Wikitecture Image Display by azwaldoazwaldo, 17 Jun 2009 03:25

Hey mrcahalane,

Thanks for the submission! It would be best if you submitted that 'spinning sphere' to the wiki-tree as another spouting leaf. I can meet you inworld to help you or you can follow this how-to if you want to submit it yourself.

Eitherway, i think you should. It seems people follow just as much, if not more than the site.

Let me know if you need help.

Regards, Theory.

How about using a jigsaw effect in some way. Even though my building skills are basic and graphic card low, I was trying to come up with ideas. The wikipedia logo is a sphere made of jigsaw pieces. The idea of a jigsaw may be incoporated into the design? A jigsaw would be an appropriate analogy of the group just as much as the tree. Be it the entire booth itself or just props for images (See video clip). Just a suggestion.

Sorry, no match for the embedded content.

Off the top of my head…

Perhaps if each person takes a few pictures or short clips of themselves building their contribution, we could join them up together (in the true spirit of collaboration) and make a video which would also be displayed in the booth. It's great to advertise the work of the Studio Wikitecture project but we don't have to concentrate on the past, the collaboration is happening now so let's all do our part to record and promote it. Also, if each time a new leaf is added to the tree from now on, take a picture so we can see it grow via snapshots/video too (if this is not already the case?).

Personally so far, I am a fan of build no. 1244240065 by Veeyawn Spoonhammer as a booth area. But also think the tree design in Omni's build no. 1244218428 is fantastic! Merger?

Here are some important bits from Keystone's blog post.

The design challenge is to design a booth that best describes what Studio Wikitecture and the Wiki-Tree is all about. We have images that could be displayed, such as our final entry in the Open Architecture Challenge, screenshots of past Wikitecture projects, the most recent University of Alabama, and more. It is up to the community to determine how many images should be displayed, how they should be displayed, and how large those images should be.
The full booth can be no more than 175 prims, and the parcel size is 28 meters by 28 meters.

I, for one, would like to learn what images are recommended by Theory and Keystone. Maybe a starter set of images could be submitted with a tree leaf; then, they could be worked into any of the other designs…and other images could be suggested at that time.

SL6B Studio Wikitecture Booth by azwaldoazwaldo, 04 Jun 2009 17:40

Added Hand Raise animation system and Parcel Media Display - from the Interactive Classroom - to the most recent, complete model of the ground level design. (New leaf: 1232958901)

  • The stage seating, podium, and red-fade backdrop have been returned.
  • The missing pieces of the large molecular model have been restored (thank you, Omei).
  • Seats now have sit target scripts.
  • Seats have been raised away from their shadow textures (previously, sitting on seat bottom resulted in buried feet).
  • Seat-back position was adjusted to be square with seat bottom.

(First image submitted shows position of this leaf on Wiki-Tree.)

That's fine, I'll be dropping the geometry back into the… wiki thing once I've gone over it once. This is just the first phase to clean up all the geometry into something a bit more professional looking.

If, by "second building", you are referring to the classroom (seats, podium, globe)…working scripts have not been added to those prims (the seats do not even have sit targets).

I have not met with any U of A faculty.

Re: The Interactive Classroom by azwaldoazwaldo, 17 Jan 2009 23:46
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