Ficus Racemosa

From Plants and People of Nepal

Moraceae. Deciduous tree about 8 m high. Leaves stalked, 7-20 cm long, 2.5-7.5 cm wide, cuneate, elliptic to ovate, entire, leathery. Figs subglobose or pear shaped, on slender, lateral leafless shoots; ripe November-April. Prop­agated by seeds or cuttings. Distributed in central and western Nepal to about 1000 m in open places; also in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, southwestern China, Sout east Asia, and Australia.
FOOD. Ripe figs are eaten fresh.
OTHER USES. Wood is used for minor construction and also as fuelwood. A viscid gum from the stem is made into birdlime. Bark contains tannin. Leaves are lopped for fodder.


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