November 30th, 2007: Friday's Informal Forum of Form

[2007/11/30 10:15] You: anyways… if you guys want to rap on anthing wikitecture… please throw you questions at me… all questions are fair game.
[2007/11/30 10:15] You: really informall… where ever you want to take it..
[2007/11/30 10:15] You: questions. etc.
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[2007/11/30 10:15] You: i can demostrate the tree.
[2007/11/30 10:15] Cid Ducatillon: Theory … yes..
[2007/11/30 10:15] You: people having problems?
[2007/11/30 10:16] Iota Ultsch: yes
[2007/11/30 10:16] John Zhaoying is Online
[2007/11/30 10:16] Cid Ducatillon: i am in a position to actually use the tree
[2007/11/30 10:16] You: i'll try to type as fast as i can
[2007/11/30 10:16] Iota Ultsch: i tried accessing my p/word for the site
[2007/11/30 10:16] Iota Ultsch: and it would not dispense
[2007/11/30 10:16] Iota Ultsch: has it been reset?
[2007/11/30 10:16] You: yes… iota… we finally, (i think) corrected taht probelm.. you should be able to now
[2007/11/30 10:17] Iota Ultsch: thank you
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[2007/11/30 10:17] You: giver a try
[2007/11/30 10:17] Annie Octavia is Online
[2007/11/30 10:17] Iota Ultsch: i'll do it a little later…am delirious right now
[2007/11/30 10:17] Chip Poutine: whenever i stop by here i always struggle a little bit with how our prims translate into actual construction, and if a preferred construction technique wouldn't influence the overall design.
[2007/11/30 10:18] Chip Poutine: frankly i'm a little intimidated by designing something appropriate for the climate and construction methods of a country i've never been to
[2007/11/30 10:18] Chip Poutine: …and then there's the tree. i don't think i've been paying close enough attention ;)
[2007/11/30 10:19] You: yea CID… we would love for you to use the wiki tree, but as of now the 'wiki-tree' can only support on project… we are however, working on the next stage of development to accomodate more than one project at a time on the website… once that's done… we'll be giving out the tree to anyone that wants to use it.
[2007/11/30 10:19] Iota Ultsch: i agree…but there's plenty of information about the climate and vernacular in the brief…particularly the adverse conditions wich is what we should design for….worst case scenario
[2007/11/30 10:19] You: in terms of using the wiki-tree… Chip… have you seen this doucment as of late:
[2007/11/30 10:20] Chip Poutine: right iota. i'm still just having a bit of trouble making the connection :)
[2007/11/30 10:20] You: i've spruced it up with some imagery, etc.
[2007/11/30 10:20] Chip Poutine: thanks theory, i'll check it out!
[2007/11/30 10:20] Iota Ultsch: i can's hard
[2007/11/30 10:20] Iota Ultsch: but we'll pool our knowledge
[2007/11/30 10:21] You: not sure if you've seen this yet either? i've compiled a bunch of images on nepalese vernacular achitecture…
[2007/11/30 10:21] You:
[2007/11/30 10:21] You: might help
[2007/11/30 10:21] Chip Poutine: these are awesome - thanks!!
[2007/11/30 10:21] Iota Ultsch: i'm more concerned about the extremely tight budget…and cost of materials locally…we need that information to make it viable
[2007/11/30 10:21] Cid Ducatillon: my question i have is this SL Proportions based on the camera view. It changes everything I have ever been used too in designing buildings.
[2007/11/30 10:22] You: i've also dispersed these images throughout the Wikitecture 2.0 build… over to the south of use right now
[2007/11/30 10:22] Iota Ultsch: yup
[2007/11/30 10:22] Iota Ultsch: cheers
[2007/11/30 10:23] You: we've had a discussion in the forum about scale…
[2007/11/30 10:23] You: it's short
[2007/11/30 10:23] You: overall we're thinking 1.5 to 1
[2007/11/30 10:24] You: hi colete
[2007/11/30 10:24] Iota Ultsch: i guess we need to decide how much of the presentation will be in sl…in other words…if the schematics are done here then we should perhapsconsider camera compensation which roughly at a scale of :1.5…then…we need to decide whether we will be translating that information into aconstruction stage like chip mentioned.
[2007/11/30 10:24] Iota Ultsch: this affects our deadline
[2007/11/30 10:24] You: for sure
[2007/11/30 10:24] Colete Jacobus: Hi!
[2007/11/30 10:24] Cid Ducatillon: hi colete
[2007/11/30 10:24] Colete Jacobus: Hi
[2007/11/30 10:25] Colete Jacobus: How can I seat?
[2007/11/30 10:25] Iota Ultsch: no point in 'realism' proportionally if we cannot experience the building spatially [ergonomically/circulation, etc] as avatars
[2007/11/30 10:25] You: yes… that's why i've been playing around with the OGLE exporter… i would like, when we get to a end point with the SL model, to export it out and use it as a bases for creating plans and elevations… of which the competition asks for.
[2007/11/30 10:26] Chip Poutine: i'd be happy to help at that stage as well theory ;)
[2007/11/30 10:26] You: i say when we export it out… that's when we scale it down… to 1:1
[2007/11/30 10:26] Iota Ultsch: we also need to make a strict deadline to allow you theory. or whoever is presenting hardcopy, to get it done
[2007/11/30 10:26] You: cool chip
[2007/11/30 10:27] You: just started… got it to open in blender.. then to sketchup
[2007/11/30 10:27] You: lots and lots of triangles!
[2007/11/30 10:27] Chip Poutine: yes
[2007/11/30 10:27] Chip Poutine: there are ways to mitigate that
[2007/11/30 10:27] Iota Ultsch: how?
[2007/11/30 10:27] Chip Poutine: programs like formz allow for the joining of adjacent coplanar faces
[2007/11/30 10:27] Chip Poutine: which will reduce triangulation
[2007/11/30 10:27] You: from what i understand, you can submit board digitally.
[2007/11/30 10:27] Iota Ultsch: ok
[2007/11/30 10:27] Iota Ultsch: that helps
[2007/11/30 10:28] Chip Poutine: too many triangles make chip go crazy.
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[2007/11/30 10:29] You: but the question still remains what platfrom are we going to use when we finally get to the CAD, pdf, stage…. what versioning platform could we use?… we're looking at… or the OAN site… or jimmy rigging the site… you can upload files and through the forum.. you could create some type of versioning.
[2007/11/30 10:29] charlamagne Carmichael is Online
[2007/11/30 10:30] You: … any suggestions will help
[2007/11/30 10:30] Iota Ultsch: ok this is a little beyong me guys
[2007/11/30 10:30] Iota Ultsch: beyond
[2007/11/30 10:30] John Zhaoying is Offline
[2007/11/30 10:30] You: we do plan on in the 2nd stage of development to have www. support files as well.. but in the meantime we need a standin.
[2007/11/30 10:30] Cid Ducatillon: i am trying to get up to speed with it..…
[2007/11/30 10:30] Cid Ducatillon: brb
[2007/11/30 10:30] You: yes… that's too detailed sorry.
[2007/11/30 10:30] Iota Ultsch: np
[2007/11/30 10:31] You: knildrig… did you have any questions.
[2007/11/30 10:31] Iota Ultsch: i'm just not a techie
[2007/11/30 10:31] You: i hear that.. me neither… this project is forcing me to be one though. :)
[2007/11/30 10:31] Iota Ultsch: /you're doing great
[2007/11/30 10:31] You: iota…did you have any comments, questions?
[2007/11/30 10:32] Iota Ultsch: well
[2007/11/30 10:32] Iota Ultsch: you lost me with versionate etc
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: but i'm not a fully practicing architect yet…most of my stuff is done in 3d and cad..not revit etc…maya + archicad + some autocad
[2007/11/30 10:33] Cid Ducatillon: i would love to do it on Revit.
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: i hate revit
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: with a passion
[2007/11/30 10:33] Cid Ducatillon: but i work in Chief Architect 10
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: lol
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: so
[2007/11/30 10:33] Iota Ultsch: from what i understood
[2007/11/30 10:33] Cid Ducatillon: really?… i am glad you said something
[2007/11/30 10:33] Cid Ducatillon: lol
[2007/11/30 10:34] Nanobot Umarov: excuse me for interrupting - but maybe i can assist with the technology…
[2007/11/30 10:34] Iota Ultsch: we are trying to establish a cohesive cad communication?
[2007/11/30 10:34] Iota Ultsch: i'm lost here
[2007/11/30 10:34] Dancoyote Antonelli is Online
[2007/11/30 10:34] Chip Poutine: it seems to me that cad is really only the last step
[2007/11/30 10:34] Nanobot Umarov: i know wikis very well - built lots of them
[2007/11/30 10:34] Chip Poutine: once the sl model has been 'frozen'
[2007/11/30 10:34] Iota Ultsch: nano is an it expert
[2007/11/30 10:34] Nanobot Umarov: we use wikis all the time now…
[2007/11/30 10:35] Nanobot Umarov: no more emails - haha
[2007/11/30 10:35] Nanobot Umarov: all the knowledge is kept in one place…
[2007/11/30 10:35] Nanobot Umarov: i use mediawiki - like wikipedia
[2007/11/30 10:35] Nanobot Umarov: with lots of extensions…
[2007/11/30 10:36] Nanobot Umarov: trees, graphs etc
[2007/11/30 10:36] You: basically what i was trying to say, is that when we finally get to the production stage of this… what type of versioning program, webiste, etc. would we use that will take the place of the 'wiki-tree' for cad drawings, pdf, photoshop files, etc.
[2007/11/30 10:36] Iota Ultsch: oh ok
[2007/11/30 10:36] Iota Ultsch: well
[2007/11/30 10:36] Iota Ultsch: you guys decide
[2007/11/30 10:36] Cid Ducatillon: so Theory… the "THIS" that you speak of… a competiton?
[2007/11/30 10:36] Iota Ultsch: i'll learn as i'm instructed
[2007/11/30 10:36] You: yeah… we're looking into that.
[2007/11/30 10:37] Cid Ducatillon: is it a building considering entering?
[2007/11/30 10:37] You: we'll cross that bridge at a later time.
[2007/11/30 10:37] Iota Ultsch: cid this is a competition yes
[2007/11/30 10:37] Cid Ducatillon: i am in .. then..
[2007/11/30 10:37] Iota Ultsch: and theory has devised a way of makig it collaborative
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: guys
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: i'm so sorry
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: but i cannot stay up any more
[2007/11/30 10:38] Cid Ducatillon: how many people do you look into having in this… Theory?
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: i'm dead
[2007/11/30 10:38] Nanobot Umarov: haha
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: good/day/night
[2007/11/30 10:38] Chip Poutine: take care Iota
[2007/11/30 10:38] Cid Ducatillon: lota night lota!!!
[2007/11/30 10:38] You: yes.. .this one…
[2007/11/30 10:38] You: cid
[2007/11/30 10:38] Cid Ducatillon: ahhhhhhhhh
[2007/11/30 10:38] Chip Poutine: your functioning amazingly well for this hour :)
[2007/11/30 10:38] Nanobot Umarov: good night
[2007/11/30 10:38] Iota Ultsch: :-)
[2007/11/30 10:39] Cid Ducatillon: brb
[2007/11/30 10:39] Iota Ultsch: inspired :-)
[2007/11/30 10:39] Iota Ultsch: hugs
[2007/11/30 10:39] Iota Ultsch: xx
[2007/11/30 10:39] You: good nite iota
[2007/11/30 10:39] You: about 6 so far cid.
[2007/11/30 10:39] Nanobot Umarov: i am in same time zone - bye guys — nice to meet you :))
[2007/11/30 10:40] Chip Poutine: cya Nanobot - nice to meet you as well
[2007/11/30 10:40] You: lots of technical barriers for people to overcome… plus people just don't have the time for pro bono designing.
[2007/11/30 10:40] Dancoyote Antonelli is Offline
[2007/11/30 10:40] You: late nanobot
[2007/11/30 10:40] Cid Ducatillon: how many do you think you need?
[2007/11/30 10:40] Dancoyote Antonelli is Online
[2007/11/30 10:41] Chip Poutine: have we talked before about the idea of scheduling a 'building bee' similar to the first two wikitecture experiments? or is this not supported by the wiki tree's one leaf = one contributor model
[2007/11/30 10:41] Chip Poutine: i think part of what made the first two experiments cool was the social aspect
[2007/11/30 10:42] You: only takes one really to design really, but since our objective is to see if we can apply an open source paradigm to designing architecture… a 'small crowd' would be nice, just to test out the premise.
[2007/11/30 10:42] You: for sure… taht's what makes SL cool in general.
[2007/11/30 10:42] You: it's an effort to rally people around.
[2007/11/30 10:42] Chip Poutine: i think a lot of the decisions we are entrusting to the tree could be compressed - the thumbs up/down yea/nea kind of decisions.
[2007/11/30 10:43] Cid Ducatillon: i agree… Theory.. have you seen the collaborative we're doing in the London Sim?
[2007/11/30 10:43] You: the 'wiki-tree' is an attempt to put some structure to the madness of everyone designing in their corners.
[2007/11/30 10:43] Cid Ducatillon: i am running it over there… its so intense.
[2007/11/30 10:43] Chip Poutine: right ;)
[2007/11/30 10:44] Cid Ducatillon: the Wiki Tree will be perfect for a collaborative design of many places… including a subway underground we are building crossing 3 sims.
[2007/11/30 10:45] You: for sure… i could see using it for many public works projects… a way to bring the public further into the discussion of what to design.
[2007/11/30 10:46] Cid Ducatillon: ill keep in touch.. thanks for all your efforts and contributions into this.
[2007/11/30 10:46] Chip Poutine: hiro pendragon's exercise for landing lights park, for example
[2007/11/30 10:46] Cid Ducatillon: yes.. i see a less cloudy picture of it…after today.
[2007/11/30 10:46] You: thank you… i think we'll have this little session every friday… just to keep the discussion alive.
[2007/11/30 10:46] You: talk to you later.
[2007/11/30 10:46] Cid Ducatillon: come out sometime. :)
[2007/11/30 10:47] Chip Poutine: on the file versioning front, we need something like basecamp, but that anybody can access…
[2007/11/30 10:47] You: we'll do
[2007/11/30 10:47] Cid Ducatillon: walk around.. we've worked very hard on it.
[2007/11/30 10:47] You: send an tp over some day
[2007/11/30 10:47] Cid Ducatillon: ok.
[2007/11/30 10:47] Chip Poutine: sounds really interesting cid - what's the sim name again, just 'london'?
[2007/11/30 10:47] Cid Ducatillon: ill give you both a starting point
[2007/11/30 10:47] You: cool
[2007/11/30 10:47] Chip Poutine: ty :)
[2007/11/30 10:48] Cid Ducatillon: i built the Marble Arch, Harrods Department store and a repavement project. I am also the Building and Parcels Coordinator.
[2007/11/30 10:48] Cid Ducatillon: start here.. at the sandbox..and walk around.
[2007/11/30 10:48] You: so chip… can you clarify this? …
[2007/11/30 10:48] You: i think a lot of the decisions we are entrusting to the tree could be compressed - the thumbs up/down yea/nea kind of decisions.
[2007/11/30 10:48] Cid Ducatillon gave you ! Chelsea Sandbox - 1 whole SIM, Chelsea (120, 108, 22).
[2007/11/30 10:49] You: thank you cid
[2007/11/30 10:49] Chip Poutine: basecamp is a very nice web based pm system that we use for lots of stuff
[2007/11/30 10:49] Chip Poutine: has a great way of handling files, collaborative docs, etc.
[2007/11/30 10:49] Chip Poutine: but not free.
[2007/11/30 10:50] You: versioning?
[2007/11/30 10:50] Chip Poutine: there was an open source version, but looks like its gone commercial too - yes, file versioning
[2007/11/30 10:50] You: cool… will take a look at
[2007/11/30 10:50] Chip Poutine: but basecamp is protected by login/password
[2007/11/30 10:50] You: so the code is open source though?
[2007/11/30 10:50] You: no tours, trials?
[2007/11/30 10:51] Chip Poutine: just checking…
[2007/11/30 10:53] Chip Poutine: hmm. looks like the open source script isn't available any more.
[2007/11/30 10:53] Chip Poutine: brb
[2007/11/30 10:53] You: aight
[2007/11/30 10:57] Chip Poutine: …still on the phone
[2007/11/30 10:57] You: no worries.. multitaskiing
[2007/11/30 10:58] John Zhaoying is Online
[2007/11/30 10:59] John Zhaoying is Offline
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: looking at zoho projects
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: apparantly free for one project
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: supports uploading and versioning
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: not sure how much disk space you get
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: but first glance looks good.
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: the only prob would be again that its protected
[2007/11/30 11:02] You: protected?
[2007/11/30 11:02] Chip Poutine: password protected
[2007/11/30 11:03] You: can't just open to general public?
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: right
[2007/11/30 11:03] You: ahh yes.
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: ppl would need to sign up for a free zoho id
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: then the proj admin would need to add them
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: hmm
[2007/11/30 11:03] You: keystone fouund this the ohter day…
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: looks like the world isn't ready for this kind of open collaboration :)
[2007/11/30 11:03] Chip Poutine: yeah i was looking at that
[2007/11/30 11:04] You: intersting… no versioning really for unusal file extentions… dwg…etc.
[2007/11/30 11:04] Chip Poutine: at first glance it looks pretty good
[2007/11/30 11:04] Chip Poutine: ah
[2007/11/30 11:04] Chip Poutine: i wonder if supports it
[2007/11/30 11:04] Chip Poutine: i'll check
[2007/11/30 11:04] You: we're at the pahse of exportation of differnet options.
[2007/11/30 11:04] Chip Poutine: if it does i could add a wikitecture wkgp onto my account
[2007/11/30 11:05] Chip Poutine: for the duration of the competition
[2007/11/30 11:05] Tara5 Oh is Online
[2007/11/30 11:05] You: we did however, get all the names of those participating in the nyaya competiton.. .and we're going to send out an invitation to join.
[2007/11/30 11:05] You: for
[2007/11/30 11:05] Chip Poutine: right
[2007/11/30 11:05] You: cool.
[2007/11/30 11:05] Chip Poutine: just checking if it does versioning
[2007/11/30 11:06] Chip Poutine: i do some consulting work around web-based pm
[2007/11/30 11:06] Chip Poutine: so i've been researching a lot of this stuff for a while
[2007/11/30 11:07] You: nice!
[2007/11/30 11:07] Chip Poutine: the only thing is my clients want it all to be secure :)
[2007/11/30 11:07] You: for school… for you buz?
[2007/11/30 11:07] You: biz
[2007/11/30 11:07] Chip Poutine: and we'd rather have it the opposite
[2007/11/30 11:07] Chip Poutine: yeah, consulting work
[2007/11/30 11:07] Chip Poutine: my one client is like a very large hmo
[2007/11/30 11:07] You: restrict access?
[2007/11/30 11:07] You: you mean?
[2007/11/30 11:07] Chip Poutine: right
[2007/11/30 11:08] Chip Poutine: password protection / encrypted transfers / etc.
[2007/11/30 11:08] You: right…. at the very least… we could just make the password public to the wikitecture group for whatever versioning platfrom we use.
[2007/11/30 11:09] Chip Poutine: true
[2007/11/30 11:09] You: that is pretty impressive functionality
[2007/11/30 11:09] You: from a developer's point of view.
[2007/11/30 11:09] You: not too user friendly however for enduser.
[2007/11/30 11:10] You: that's what we're using for the forum…
[2007/11/30 11:10] You: until we can support threaded discussions on
[2007/11/30 11:10] Chip Poutine: phone call :P
[2007/11/30 11:11] You: no worries… i've got to jet myself…. i'll talk to you later…. nice talking with you.
[2007/11/30 11:11] Chip Poutine: likewise!

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